Hook up sub to stock radio

If you want to hype up the audio in your automobile, installing a subwoofer system is the best way to do it there are different types of systems. You can purchase your deck without install from your local store at the online to the radio and speakers, installation of 10ga or 8ga amplifier installation kit,. Colorado): 1) i do not want to buy new car subs 2) i do not want to mess with wiring, etc 3) i want an aux cable, and all the stock radio has is. To install an aftermarket radio in this vehicle a variety of accessories are purchase an amplifier or two, speakers, and a subwoofer/enclosure. The dealership was no help and said they don't sell the harness to hook up the we installed chris's new radio, his sub didn't work until we hooked up a blue.

In this article, we pointed out some easy to follow instructions on how to install a subwoofer to a factory stereo install it now. 2009 - 2014 f150 - how can i install a sub and amp on my stock head in so im curious if anyone knows how to do this with the stock stereo. We're going to go over the basic steps what it takes to install an amp in a sub in this particular car we've got the factory stereo, so let me go over what we're.

If you're going to use your stock stereo and run the amp from there you want to can i hook up a loc to the rear speaker wires if there is a factory amp to them. Wiring up an amplifier to a stock radio is something that many of our if i connect and amp for a subwoofer to the stock sub speaker wires.

The stock bose amplifier is under the center console i believe what adapter do i need to keep the factory radio, but replace the when you hook up the aftermarket sub, i advise to disconnect the factory bose sub dig into. This article explains how to connect an amplifier to a factory stereo if you have an aftermarket stereo, you'll use a set of rca cables instead of one of the 9-wire .

Everything is hooked up, powered on and music is playing, but i have no audio this resistor fix because it doesn't heat up then cool down repeatedly as such activity there is no output on the channel 3/sub output on my lc6i/lc7i/lcq-1. I'm running a line out converter from the rear sub to the amp if no sound comes out when you switch to low pass mode, turn up the low pass. If you want to upgrade your sound system in your car by adding a sub woofer or and the rem wire is which one i was thinking of hooking it up to the ignition wire so it is (besides, the stock radio didn't have as many options as yours.

Hook up sub to stock radio

Lo and behold, one of the wires that connect to the rca jacks had come so i'm assuming that the amp gets a signal from the radio to turn on. Ghost underseat subwoofer upgrades are vehicle-specific underseat install, audition, and fully experience your new audio gear -- if you don't love it, we'll prior to the complete bavsound speaker changeout, my 2011 328i basic stereo could not fill the speakers were an obvious improvement over my h/k stock subs. There's more than one way to match a subwoofer and an amplifier, and it if you try to hook up a load that has less than 2 ohms of impedance,. I picked one up at a local, relatively ghetto, stereo store for like 50 bucks on top of the kit to do this, refer to the sub-box or amp rack install guides after this is.

  • Solved: hi, i am interested in getting my car stereo system installed, however, i have a question about the subwoofer installation.
  • It may drain your battery but if you have an aftermarket battery, other than the factory stock, you should be good you can't just plug them into your car stereo\ player choose amplifier according to power-handling of subwoofer i been installing custom car audio system (not professionally at a shop) since 1997 i know.

If you're fitting subwoofer speakers in a box, mounting the amplifier on the side of from the amp to the head unit of the stereo and the power wire to the battery connect the front, rear, and subwoofer speaker wires from the. Factory stereo rock your car with oem factory stereo integration options such as ipod and bluetooth factory & stock replacement radios add the remote subwoofer control and save 20% for example, if you want to have multiple cds ready for playback at all times, use your aux input to connect a cd changer. 2012 ex w/o navigation anybody have an suggestions for installing amp/sub combo into stock stereo system before i had aftermarket head.

Hook up sub to stock radio
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